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"Agentka Carter" (Fot. ABC)

"Agentka Carter" (Fot. ABC)

Nowa zapowiedź 2. sezonu "Agentki Carter". Zwiastuny "Suits", "Damiena", "Legends of Tomorrow" i nie tylko. Zapraszamy do oglądania!

1. "Agentka Carter" (sezon 2) - promo

America's top agent is headed to the West Coast!

Posted by Agent Carter on Sunday, December 27, 2015

2. "Suits" (sezon 5B) - promo 1

3. "Damien" (nowy serial A&E) - teaser

4. "Mad Dogs" (nowy serial Amazona) - trailer

5. "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" - trailer

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